What is a BAI2 file?

BAI2 files are balance and transaction reports from a bank. They act as electronic bank statements. Among other purposes, they tell us whether a payment has been completed, update the balances for you bank accounts, provide up to date information on your accounts, and allow for our system to report on the full status of a payment.


We receive BAI2 files from banks multiple times a day; for banks that support intraday reporting, they will send us BAI files that allow us to reflect bank balances that have been affected by initiated or completed payments throughout the day. All banks support prior-day reporting. 


BAI2 files are available throughout the day (“intraday”) and at the end of the day. Different banks offer BAI2 reporting at different frequencies, from every 15 minutes to every few hours. If you are getting intraday reports, they will appear in our dashboard as “available balance,” while the balance from the previous day will show as “prior day balance.” Note that not all banks support intraday reporting.