How to Manage Approval Workflows

Modern Treasury enables you to configure your own approval workflows. While this is optional, we recommend our customers use these capabilities to add a layer of control on top of their payments.

Every time a payment order is created, it is run through our rules engine. The rules engine checks the payment against your organization's approval rules. When a rule's conditions are met, the payment will require approval as per the rule's specifications. The payment will not be initiated until it has been fully approved.

Setting up a rule

To configure your organization's rules, go to Settings-->Rules and click on New Rule. You should see a form like the one below:

A rule must have at least one condition and one approver. To get started, you can set up a simple first rule that will require an approval for any payment. If you make the rule check that the amount is greater than $0, this will be the case:

Note that the approver will have to be a member of the Administrators group. To manage who is in that group, go to your group settings tab.

Approving Payment Orders

Once your rules are set up, all payment orders will automatically be checked against them. In the case where a payment requires an approval, it will automatically enter the approval queue

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 5.40.05 PM

There are three tabs within this view. The first, Pending My Approval, shows payment orders you can approve. The second, Pending Others, will show payment orders needing approval from one of your colleagues. View All combines the results.