Payment Order Stages

When you submit a payment order via Modern Treasury, you can view the status of that payment order at any time. The below chart is a description of where in the money movement process a payment order can be at any given time and a description of each stage shown in Modern Treasury. 

Stage Description
Created When a payment order has been created, but not yet sent. If you have approval rules configured, a payment will display ‘needs approval’ status after creation.
Approved The payment order, when it has been approved or if no approval is required, will occupy this state until it has been sent to your bank. 
Processing At your bank’s cutoff time, any payments created and approved before then will show up as processing. This lets you know Modern Treasury is preparing to send your payment order to your bank. 
Sent This status reflects the files have been sent to your bank.
Completed When the transaction is posted, your payment order status will update to complete. If you initiated a pull payment money from a counterparty, the funds are now in your account. If you initiated a push payment, the funds have now left your account.

If your payment order is returned, the status will update to reflect such. You will receive a code from your bank as to why your initiated payment was unsuccessful.