Frequently asked questions about

When will my bank account be approved?

While often makes a determination within minutes, it can take up to 30 days for them to review your account.

Will I be able to make transactions while my application is pending?

Modern Treasury communicates all payment orders to It is up to them to make the final determination as to whether or not to allow the transaction while your application is pending.

How will I be billed for transactions?

Modern Treasury fees are separate from fees. Modern Treasury will charge your card (or other agreed upon payment method) at the end of each billing period. will charge their own fees based on their own schedule. Please contact to determine exactly when and how they will bill you.

Where can I access my portal?

You can access your online at

What payment methods does support? currently supports ACH credits and debits. Wires are expected to be coming soon, as well as support for other methods.

How can I contact

You can reach at